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What our patients say…

She makes me feel that she’s here for me, and it’s very individualized care.
Sonia’s Story
The Doctor is very nice with you she tells you what she’s going to do she shows you what she’s going to do, it’s not like a controlling atmosphere.
Jack’s Story
My personal experience with Mint Leaf Dental, with the office and staff, has been amazing.
Tonya’s Story

Welcome to Mint Leaf Dental

We create a safe dental space where patients know we care and that their comfort is our top priority! At Mint Leaf Dental, we are committed to giving you outstanding results and an enjoyable dental experience.

We warmly welcome individuals and families in the Fort Worth and surrounding area to our comprehensive practice. Patients love us and we love them back! Our team is courteous and very friendly. Everyone here truly enjoys doing what they do.

Dr. Depal Parikh and her team are passionate about serving our patients in and around the Fort Worth, Texas, area. Patients describe our office as very relaxing. We love to make patients feel like they’re at a spa!

If you are searching for a great dental home, we invite you to read our reviews. We would be honored to become your one-stop shop for great dentistry.

O r t h o d o n t i c

The results of orthodontic treatment can be dramatic. A beautiful smile and improved dental health can boost your overall life quality. At Mint Leaf Dental, we offer modern orthodontics options that are suitable for treating poor bite, crooked teeth, and other irregularities in adult patients. Learn More

T r e a t m e n t
T e e t h

Professional teeth whitening is a powerful and proven method of transforming your smile! Dr. Parikh uses the most advanced whitening treatment available. If you have always wanted a brighter smile or have ever been disappointed with the results of other whitening treatments, call us today for a complimentary consultation for KöR whitening. Learn More

W h i t e n i n g
C o s m e t i c

Do you try to hide your smile? You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to improve all of your smile imperfections, and you’ll be relieved to show off your smile with confidence! Cosmetic dentistry involves improving your smile’s appearance with natural-looking dental veneers, dental crowns, and other innovative treatments. Learn More

D e n t i s t r y
G e n e r a l & F a m i l y

Our teeth are forever vulnerable to decay and disease. Fortunately, we can prevent or minimize common dental problems with diligent dental care. At Mint Leaf Dental, we use regular checkups and cleanings along with protective services to help you and your loved ones enjoy great oral health. Learn More

D e n t i s t r y

Schedule Today

The Mint Leaf Dental team will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that directly addresses your smile needs. From high-quality cosmetic dentistry to comprehensive restorative services, we can assist you with all of the aspects of your oral health.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the excellent dentistry you deserve! Give us a call today!

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